Three of Roxanne Ziegler's beautiful harps

Harp Lessons

The Gift of Learning Music

Roxanne's devotion as a harp teacher brings her passion for this instrument full circle as she teaches both adults and the next generation to appreciate and play music on the harp.

In her private studio, she uses both traditional and Suzuki methods. She often has rental harps available for new students.

“Throughout the years I have so enjoyed learning to play the harp. Moreover, I have enjoyed being with you. Your many kindnesses have meant so much.”
—Joanne B. (student)

Teaching Philosophy

Her personal teaching philosophy is to engage each student in the pursuit of his or her own personal dreams for the harp. Roxanne tailors a program of learning unique to each student so that each one will feel success and accomplishment right from the very start. Students will always receive reassuring words and will be taught practice techniques that will enhance and ensure growth in their studies.
“Thank you for all the support and encouragement over the years. Your teaching was a large part of the reason I kept playing so long. May you continue to show all your students the same kindness that you showed me.”
—Margie P. (student)
“We can't thank you enough for all that you did not only to teach Elizabeth the harp, but to inspire her as well.”
—Brenda & Bill M. (harp parents)

Roxanne encourages her students to share their music with others, whether at home with family and friends or out in the community. Many of Roxanne's harp students play in their school music programs, and many play frequently at their churches. Her high school seniors often prepare and present programs at nursing homes as a way of celebrating their accomplishments and sharing their gifts with others.
“These past years have been a delight! Thank you so much for all you've taught me about the harp, about music, patience, and motivation. I'm so glad I had the privilege of gaining an appreciation for this instrument under your guidance.”
—Robyn P. (student)

Further Harp Studies

While many students choose to play only for their own personal enjoyment and achievement, others become more serious about their harp studies.

Several of Roxanne's students have played concertos with their high school orchestras and/or the Rochester Philharmonic Youth Orchestra. Many of her former students have become actively involved in the music programs at various colleges and conservatories, including the The Crane School of Music at SUNY Potsdam, The School of Music at SUNY Fredonia, and the Eastman School of Music. Some have graduated as harp performance majors, others as education majors, and a few have had double majors in harp plus composition or voice.
“Playing the harp gives me a deep sense of beauty and personal achievement. You have led me down that path. I could not have reached this point by myself. Your teaching has allowed me this accomplishment.”
—Faith W. (student)

A Career in Harp Music

A number of Roxanne's former students are working as full-time freelance harpists around the country. Of particular note is harpist Cindy Blevins, who started her harp studies with Roxanne as an adult and is now a leading, prolific composer/arranger of repertoire for the harp. Bill Taylor, who started his pursuit of the harp with Roxanne and currently lives in Scotland, has received international acclaim for his work on the technique, repertoire and performance on historical harps. Hannah Lash began her harp studies as a youngster with Roxanne. Hannah has gone on to receive degrees and an Artist Certificate in composition and harp from the Eastman School, Cleveland Institute, Harvard, and Yale.

“Thank you for adding discipline, depth, and dimension to Lyndsey's song. It has been a pleasure and privilege working with you!”
—Regina B (harp mom)

Working with Roxanne is simple, easy, and a great choice!
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Roxanne Ziegler is a professional harpist providing harp music for any occasion. She brings elegance, experience, and expertise to wedding services and receptions, special events, harp presentations, corporate functions and private celebrations.She creates a comforting and peaceful atmosphere in nursing homes, hospitals, and hospices. She appears as a harp soloist or in distinctive duos with flute, violin, voice, or hammered dulcimer.